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    CPH - the bikes

    Much of the purpose of my trip to Copenhagen was to experience the bike culture. The funny thing though is that after riding around a lot I would argue that there isn’t a bike culture in the way that we think about it, but rather there is a culture who uses bikes. I got the feeling when I chatted with people about my interest in bikes that most people don’t really think much about biking. It’s just something that they do. For me this is the ultimate state of being.

    Similar to Amsterdam the streets in Copenhagen were full of bikes everywhere you looked. I love it when people complain about the theft problem. Maybe it’s because nobody actually locks their bikes? I’m just saying…

    Copenhagen is definitely ruled by city bikes which I of course love. Not a hybrid to be found (ok, not entirely true) but mostly it was regular old upright bikes. Unlike Amsterdam which seems to have exclusively black bikes there was a lot more variety in Copenhagen.

    I’m kind of a bike stalker when I walk around. I can’t help myself. Luckily there were lots of cool bikes to see.

    I was really excited to see the Pedersen in person.

    This was a real beauty. I couldn’t tell if it was new or vintage. Sasha pointed out that it wasn’t even locked so it could have been mine.

    I expected to see a lot more modern style bikes like the Biomega, but mostly there were Dutch style bikes and fixies. I found this odd bike.

    I’m a little obsessed with small wheel bikes right now. We saw a few on the streets.

    A cool old Christiania.

    Not sure what this is all about, but I love the color and the box in front.

    The bike of choice on the streets seems to be the Raleigh. It’s not the same as what we get in the states. It’s licensed to a different company that makes a bike that looks more like the original, but in colors.

    This was very typical of what I saw around the city. Notice that it’s only locked with the wheel lock. The nice thing about not worrying about locking your bike is that it makes riding much simpler. I could really get used to that.

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