1. 13:05 14th Nov 2011

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    Eating and touring and eating

    It’s a good thing that we were doing a lot of riding because Sasha and I managed to eat our way through Copenhagen. This was not hard to do as the food was fantastic.

    One place that we didn’t eat, but probably should have was the pancake bike. Love.

    We rode our bikes all over the city. One of my favorite spots was in front of the Queen’s palace. I love that there is actually a Danish queen and that she actually lives in a palace in the city. Here is an action shot of me on my beater bike pretending that I am riding to my home.

    We stopped by the famous Sogreni bicycle shop. Unfortunately Soren wasn’t there, but we spoke with Oscar who gave us a tour of the store.

    All of the bikes are custom built. I suffered from some serious bike lust.

    A trip to Denmark wouldn’t be complete without eating Smorrebrod or at least that’s what I insisted. It’s basically an open-faced sandwich often served with herring. I have a serious thing for herring which many people don’t understand even Danes. When I told my old friend Hanne that I wanted to go out for Smorrebrod I’m not sure she was totally excited, but we had a great time and the food was again amazing.

    I spoke with Hanne at length over lunch about biking (of course!). Like most of the Danes I know she was a little puzzled by my bike obsession. For example when I pressed Hanne for info about her bike, she said “I don’t know, it’s a black bike!”

    I love that Danes don’t think much about their bikes. I love that biking is so integrated into their lives that it becomes a non-issue. I love that riding is a truly practical way to get around. I love that people look good on their bikes.

    Hanne with her very nice hand-made bike. 

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