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    Gifts for her - Gift Guide pt.2

    Even though the holiday season is chilly, lets keep our minds in warmer places and dreams of riding bikes next summer. A classic English bicycle makes a beautiful gift for the lady in your life, add a couple of cute accessories and you are good to go!
    To go with her new bicycle Yakkay helmets are the perfect head protection to mix and match for a stylish commute! The helmet that looks like a hat, you can purchase seperate covers and match your helmet to your outfit!
    The Britannia is the quintessential English town and country bicycle. Perhaps the world’s first luxury bike - and still handmade in Pashley’s Stratford-upon-Avon factory. Traditional style. Impeccable details. It doesn’t get more romantic than this. A perfect way to make her holidays extra special.
    Pashley Britannia $1295  (available in red, navy and cream)
    Amazing bike bag/hand bag from bag designer, Hillary Taymour that will make any bike look amazing.  It can be attached on the front handlebars or behind the seat while you ride and it also has a shoulder strap so you can take it with you.
    So you can’t afford to buy the Princess Sovereign, but you can afford to buy the Linus Dutchie…. How about transforming it into the Princess with a few simple accessories, such as the Retro Front Light and the Pashley Wicker Basket. It will look just like the original at half the cost!
    Growing up in the Netherlands, Roos Stallinga was surrounded by a large bike culture. She came to NY and kept biking as a means of transportation, exploration, and as a way to make NY feel like home. With this book’s unique hand drawn maps and stories it makes a fun and useful holiday gift! She has numerous stops at local cafes, museums, and restaurants along with practical tips on how to bike safely in the city. This is her NYC bike story and she would love to hear yours!
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