1. What is a Jopo anyways?

    We do a lot of bike related research over here. No big surprise. We got pretty excited when we came across the Jopo (pronounced yopo). It’s a bike from Finland that was introduced in the ‘60’s by the Finnish company Helkama. It has a quirky geometry with small wheels and a step-through frame. It is a true city bike with an upright ride and a simple coaster brake. The seatpost is very long so it can fit most people even though it’s one size.

    We asked the folks at Helkama if they had any pics of the original Jopo and they sent us these from their archive.

    In the early 2000’s they reintroduced a more modern version of the Jopo in lots of fun colors. We immediately fell in love with the kids Jopo. We have been searching high and low for great kids bikes and this one seemed perfect. So we tested the Jopo on our inhouse bike testers and they loved it. Compared to the more typical kids bike frames this one was easy to manage. We have found that with a lot of kids bikes it’s very difficult for them to touch the ground which is terrible for a new rider. This bike has a nicely angled seat tube so kids can get their feet on the ground and still have a comfortable riding position. Definitely the best we’ve found yet.