1. 09:23 31st May 2012

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    Bikes & Bells

    I was in my usual zoned out state on my way to work this morning when I heard this funny tinkling sound behind me in the bike lane. My first thought was what is wrong with that bike? Then the girl passed me (they usually do) and I realized she had a little cow bell attached to her handle bars. At first I was like - that’s kind of annoying. Then it hit me - that’s genius! Of course by the time I had this realization the girl was gone along with the photo op.

    One of the biggest problems on city streets for bikers after automobiles are pedestrians. What I’ve come to realize is that because bikes are so quiet pedestrians often don’t see us coming. This is particularly annoying if they’re darting out in the middle of the street from between parked cars, but I digress.

    Being the very slow rider who’s often zoned out, I’m regularly startled by other bikers passing me by. A little bell would nicely alert both pedestrians and riders that a bike is coming. It sounded kind of like wind chimes so it wasn’t overly aggressive like a regular bell. Genius!

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