1. 09:57 5th Jun 2012

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    Introducing Small Wheeled Bikes

    Not long ago I shared my obsession with small-wheeled bikes. It was their 60’s chicness that originally caught my eye. I love the compact frames and the fun colors. At first I was reluctant to actually ride one because it seemed more like a toy than a bike. But many rides later I have completely changed my mind. A small wheeled bike if it’s designed well will ride just like “regular” bike. It actually has even faster acceleration than it’s larger wheeled cousin. 

    Aside from looking great, there is one serious advantage to a small wheeled bike. Are you listening up New Yorkers? They’re SMALL. Their compact frames are much easier to maneuver through your apartment than a standard sized bike.

    Luckily for us there are a few brands that are making really great new small wheeled bikes. For reasons that I don’t really understand they’re all British. Go figure.


    The king of folding bikes this is what I call a “no excuses” bike. Since we’ve opened we’ve heard every sob story about how difficult it is to own a bike in NYC. This bike is EASY. It folds up tiny and is light enough to carry up a five flight walkup. No More Excuses!

    There’s a reason that we haven’t had a folding bike until now. We did a LOT of research on these folders and at the end of the day the bike on everyone’s tongue was Brompton. Here are some highlights - the engineering is bar none. These people have really figured things out. It’s folding mechanism is truly unique, and it’s actually easy to use. After a few tries the folding is second nature. It rides just like a bike! Yes, I even rode it over several bridges. No problem! It’s made in England. Like it’s fellow countryman, Pashley, these bikes are actually produced in a factory in London. Last but not least -It comes in colors. Despite it’s techie pedigree the Brompton is fun.

    We will be carrying stock 2 speed commuter models but you can also configure your own.


    As I mentioned on the website this bike knocked my socks off. My first thought when I saw it was how do I get my hands on this bike! The lines are gorgeous. It has a vintage sensibility, but it’s modern at the same time. The real treat though, was when our very picky mechanics had a look at it and came back with a smile on their faces. This bike is pretty and well-made!


    This bike definitely has a sense of humor with white tires, white grips and a white basket. It’s a real 70’s throwback that’s ready for the party. The best thing about it though is that it won’t break the bank.