1. 21:42 19th May 2011

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    Just get on your bike and ride. Anywhere.

    I’ve been wanting to do this post for awhile and so in honor of BIke to Work day tomorrow I’m putting it out there.

    It’s hard not to notice all of the negative publicity that biking has gotten over this past winter. While of course I see nothing but positive in the building of miles of bike lanes all over the city apparently my car driving neighbors are less than thrilled. The benefits of biking seem so obvious it’s stupid - alleviate congestion on mass transit and roads, fight the obesity epidemic, no carbon emissions, etc. I won’t bore you with arguments you already know. So here’s the thing - Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Sadik-Kahn have been very busy creating bike infrastructure. Now it’s our turn. The way I see it we have a short amount of time to cement the work they’ve done by actually using it. If people are riding the bike lanes then they can’t easily take them away. If they sit there gathering dust then we feed the flames of the nay sayers.

    So here’s my battle call - get out and ride! It’s quite simple really. It’s not political. and it’s EASY. No more excuses - there’s no snow on the ground and it’s not hot yet. So give it a try and come out and ride to work tomorrow.

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