1. 10:00 24th May 2011

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    Mini Bakfiets

    Some parents indulge their children. Some parents insist that they are indulging their children when in fact they are indulging themselves. This next item falls into the latter. I spotted this mini bakfiets at the New Amsterdam Bike Show and fell in love. It was seriously the cutest thing I’d ever seen. I ride my kids to school in a regular sized Bakfiets so I was smitten. At the show it was being used to hold posters so I assumed that it was for display only and went back to my booth.

    On a family bike ride the other weekend we swung by Rolling Orange bike store in Brooklyn and lo and behold there was the bike! I’m not sure exactly how it came about, but next thing I knew we were piling in 2 kids and the mini Bakfiets into the big Bakfiets. I guess buying bikes is a hazard of owning a bike store.

    Bennett takes it for a spin.

    The kids finally get a chance to test it out.

    The neighborhood kids give it a go. 

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