1. Helsinki vintage style

    On my way back from Copenhagen I had a chance to stop in Helsinki. It’s a very cool city, but after Copenhagen it struck me as strangely devoid of bicycle riders. What it did have though is lots of amazing vintage bikes.

    Here is an attempt to take a picture of me in Helsinki. Not a lot of Helsinki visible.

    The city has a lot of wide open spaces which in moments reminded me of Saint Petersburg.

    The whole time that I was there I was on the prowl for a vintage Jopo. I’ve never seen one in person and I was determined to find one while I was there. Instead I found the Camping which was so awesome I almost walked away with it. Notice again - no locks!

    This seemed pretty typical of the vintage bikes that I saw. Apparently they are Swedish not Finnish, but what do I know. They’re cool

    This one caught my eye from across the street. It says it’s from Norway. Check out the amazing chain guard!

    I love the color gradients on these mixtes.

    Sadly this came out a little blurry, but I love the yellow recumbent!

    These were quite lovely.

    Check out the amazing skirt guard!

    You can see the Tunturi type on the chain guard. I love the squared off fenders.

    A vintage Helkama

    Finally a Jopo!!!