1. Helmets R Us

    I hate helmets. There I said it. They’re ugly. They ruin your hair. and in the summer they can be hot. That doesn’t mean I don’t wear one - I do. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I live in NYC and the reality of riding here for me includes a helmet. 

    That said I am on an eternal quest for good helmets. We continue to love Bern and Nutcase, but not everyone wants that style of helmet. Recently we’ve found a few new ones that we’ve added to our roster.

    Yakkay - colors! Yakkay redefined the idea of a helmet by creating a system where you can put interchangeable covers over a simple helmet. Many people who saw the helmets liked the underlying helmet so much that they wanted to buy it without a cover. Well Yakkay must have been listening because they have a new line of helmets that come without a cover. They’re really nice quality and the colors are great. And yes you can still put a cover on it. We love the combination of a red helmet with a denim cover. 

    Kask - We fell in love with Kask before Adeline Adeline opened, but at that time they were only available in Italy. The Kask helmet looks like something you’d wear on your Vespa cruising the streets of Milan. It even comes with a visor to keep the wind out. It’s actually made in Italy and it’s more elegant than your traditional skate helmet. We were able to get them in a  special edition version in Black and White with no graphics. 

    Lazer - Lazer is traditionally known for well designed racing helmets. Recently they’ve been trying their hand at creating some city helmets. This new line comes in bright colors with a chic strip around the base. It’s much lighter than most helmets this style and it’s nicely vented. It even comes with a carrying bag.